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What is it all about?

  • Learn anytime ,anywhere with our innovative e-learning platform!

  • Master new skills with engaging e-learning adventures!

Learn : Academic and Language

availability of a wide range of languages will caters diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Spell Bee : Speak or Type

Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech Translation for Language Proficiency Testing (developes confidence)

Interactive Games

2048 (sliding block puzzle) game which involves some maths, fall in love with numbers while having fun!

Administration section

  • Enroll Teachers
  • Enroll Students
  • Assign subjects to teachers
  • Assign control to the teachers
  • Download Teacher wise result
  • Download Result for the Class

Teacher’s resource section

  • Upload Types: Audio, Video, Text, Match the column, Reading Comprehension
  • Upload Learning materials: Video lecture, Lecture notes in pdf
  • Create Exam: Teachers can generate exams
  • Student allotment: Subject-Class allotment to the students
  • Prepare questions: Types mentioned
  • Conduct exam: Students can login to their respective ID and appear for the exam.
  • Comprehensive Result Analysis: pie chart, course outcome based results, student wise.

Student section (Give an extra edge of learning to the students):

  • Olympiad foundation for Class 1 to x: Mathematics, Science and English
  • Learn Indian Languages: English-Nepali, English-Gujarati, English-Hindi, English-Manipuri
  • Exclusive Grammar section: Hindi, Nepali, English
  • Learn Foreign Languages: English-French, English-German, English-Spanish
  • Civil Service preparation: Play hint based questions

Make your Learning go digital

Make your learning go digital with us! Our platform offers accessible learning anytime, anywhere, engaging multimedia content Our secure and reliable platform seamlessly integrates with other tools, providing a mobile-friendly experience.

  • Real-time Progress Tracking
  • Speech-to-Text Translation
  • Mobile-Friendly Experience
  • Interactive Learning Activities
  • Accessible Learning Anytime, Anywhere


Test your knowledge, reinforce key concepts, and track your progress.


Learn, grow, and expand your knowledge with our e-learning platform.


go-to language learning tool that helps you master accurate pronunciation effortlessly.

Spell Bee

showcase your linguistic prowess and be crowned the ultimate spelling champion!